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Bitcoin offers many solutions to the trust problems that plague banks. Thanks to the choice of transparent accounts, digital contracts and irreversible transactions, Bitcoin can be used as a basis for restoring trust and agreements.

How to buy or sell bitcoin nexx?

How to buy or sell bitcoin? There are two ways to buy or sell bitcoin at ImpeirumBit: through the "Buy / Sell" menu or through the Order Book. In the buy / sell menu, you can quickly and easily purchase your bitcoins. See the step by step!

More and more services and companies around the world accept Bitcoin nexx. Use Bitcoin nexx to pay fees and tell them about your experience to help them gain more visibility.

Innovation of the payment system

Below are some of the technologies under study: in some cases, they have become real products and services.


Using encryption, secure payments can be made without slow and expensive intermediaries. Bitcoin Nexx transactions can be much cheaper than its alternatives and can be completed in a short time. This means that Bitcoin nexx can become a universal way to transfer any currency in the future.

Dispute mediation

Bitcoin nexx can be used to develop innovative mediation and dispute services using multiple signatures. These services may allow third parties to agree or refuse transactions without the control of the other party. Since these services will be compatible with any user and merchant using Bitcoin nexx, they will certainly lead to free competition and a higher level of quality standards.

Fraud control

Bitcoin nexx can achieve an unprecedented level of security. The network provides users with protection against the most common fraudulent methods, such as reverse costs or unnecessary costs, and nexx bitcoin cannot be forged. Users can make backup copies and encrypt their wallets. Physical wallets will make it difficult to steal and lose money in the future.

Global accessibility

With Bitcoin nexx, all payments in the world are fully interoperable. Bitcoin nexx allows any bank, company or individual to send secure payments anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether they have a bank account. Due to its own limitations, bitcoin nexx is now available in many countries/regions that are not yet within the scope of the payment system. Bitcoin nexx adds global trade channels and can help international trade to flourish.

Trust and integrity

Multi-signature allows the network to accept transactions only when a certain number of defined persons agree to sign the transaction. The board can use it to prevent any member from spending part of the funds without the consent of other members. If you do not provide other credentials, the bank may also use this feature to block payments that exceed the limit, preventing theft.

Bitcoin nexx Transaction

Automated services generally have to deal with the costs and limitations of cash or credit card payments. This includes all types of vending machines from vending machines to soda machines. Bitcoin nexx is the ideal choice to reduce operating costs in a new generation of automated services. Imagine a taxi that drives alone or a store where you can pay without having to wait in line. Many ideas are possible.


Investing in cryptomorphs is now much easier and safer. This market, which at first was a mystery to many, has matured and become the stage for thousands of investors around the world.


How do I get Bitcoin Nexx?

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Create your wallet

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Make payments

A transaction is a value transfer between Bitcoin Nexx portfolios that is included in the block chain.


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In the buy / sell menu, you can quickly and easily purchase your bitcoins nexx. See the step by step!

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